So, who is Katy Blake?

This is me! Being attacked by a pretty smelly, scarier than I expected, monkey in the Monkey Forest in Bali. It was definitely an experience!

I’m a social media strategist, a marketing nerd, a travel addict and a red panda lover. Home is Leamington Spa, in England, but for a while, it was Sevilla in Spain. Fancy an adventure? Try packing up everything you own into two 20kg suitcases, hauling them to London and moving to a country you’ve never visited! I picked up the language quite quickly - I love to talk - but my biggest “Aha!” moment there (after learning to wear sun cream at all times) was creating Katy Blake Social Media.

I worked with all types of companies across Europe while I was in Spain, but my stand-out favourites were the ones that made someone’s day. I helped some amazing businesses to survive the recession, convincing customers to part with their cash in exchange for something fun. And when I moved back to the UK, I bought that mentality back, too!

I’m back in Leamington now, living with my fiancé. We travel often, collect a new favourite wine wherever we go, and I love nothing more than exploring a new place with him and relaxing with a glass of Pinot Grigio after a day well done. I’m a big believer in not making things more complicated than they need to be! I love zoos, am often plotting how to own a Komodo Dragon and a Red Panda… and you’ll be hard-pressed to find me without bright coloured lipstick and nail varnish. What can I say, I love colour.

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