Ready to go? Here’s how we can work together


Social Media Strategy

Let’s grow your business! I’ll analyse the gaps in your current marketing plan, and create a step-by-step roadmap which you can follow to grow and connect with your online audience and build the Know - Like - Trust factor which will lead to sales.

The strategy document will include;

  • Your target audience - I’ll create specific buyer personas to represent your ideal customer, so all marketing can be crafted with them in mind

  • The best channels for your audience and brand, prioritised so you know where to spend your time

  • Content ideas, so you won’t be lost for what to talk about or how to post - and some templates and examples specially for you, too

  • A strategy for working with each recommended platform to get the best results, without using all of your time

  • Guidance on what KPIs to track and how to measure them efficiently

  • Advice on how to advertise

  • A summary of where to start, and your most valuable opportunities, including influencers where relevant

Each strategy is designed on well-founded principles that survive the algorithm changes - meaning you can use it month after month. Your strategy investment is £800, and it’ll be delivered to you within 10 working days of payment being made, along with a call to run through!

Give yourself a head start on implementing your strategy - add a six month content plan to help you grow that engaged community and start off on the right foot. Strategy and six month plan investment is £1,500.

Social Media Management

If you don’t have the time, inclination or expert knowledge to run your own social media, I’ll do it for you.

The service includes;

  • A strategy session to understand your brand, audience and messages

  • An initial period of social listening, competitor monitoring and industry research to ensure we hit the ground running

  • Curation and creation of appropriate content for your audience, posted when they’re online to see it

  • Engagement with your audiences - this is the big one! It’s absolutely key. The algorithms won’t show your posts if you’re not creating engagement - and while it’s possible to get cheaper management, it usually cuts down on the engagement, so your results won’t be good. Check to make sure you’re paying for more than just a few posts and some likes…

  • Identification of key influencers and engagers

  • A 15 minute call every fortnight to check in

  • A monthly report, including advice on what to change

To help us to gain momentum, I ask that all my management clients agree to a minimum term of 3 months, but you’re not stuck in a long-term contract - if you’d like to work on monthly notice, that’s absolutely fine.

Your management investment is £450 per month for one channel, £850 per month for two channels, and £1300 per month for three channels.

Power Hours and Training

Want to learn how to do it yourself? No problem. We can have a £99 power hour call together, where we’ll focus on a specific aspect that you’d like to learn, or I can visit you or your team and host a training day. Alternatively, we can package together some hours and have a virtual training session. Whatever suits you and the way that you like to learn! You’ll leave feeling confident and excited about what you can achieve.

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