Simply Social Strategies

Simple, strategic and effective strategies to grow your business without stress, overwhelm or hours of investment

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if you want your social media to work, you need a strategy.

To win at social media, you need a defined, simple, strategic and sociable plan - and that’s exactly what I’ll give you. I can even train you, or implement it for you.

Your creative direction, your distribution plan, your goals and your sanity; all in one.


Hi! I’m Katy.

Hi. I’m Katy! Marketing nerd. Social media strategist. Content creator. Travel addict. Red panda lover. 

Home is Leamington Spa, England - but for a while, it was Seville, Spain. You want to find yourself? Try packing everything you can into one 20kg suitcase and moving to a country you’ve never visited. My biggest “aha!” moment, after realizing that suncream is NOT optional in Seville, was creating Katy Blake Social Media. I’ve worked in marketing for over a decade, managing social media for companies from HSBC and Nestlé to restaurants and travel agencies. 

And I’ve been there. I’ve pulled my hair out, trying to figure out why it’s not working and what I’m doing wrong, why the algorithm had changed again, and why it seemed to be working for everyone else but me. I’ve poured my valuable time into things that just didn’t deliver results. And the lesson?

Successful social media requires a great strategy.