Curious about what I can do?

Many of my clients prefer to operate under non-disclosure agreements - social works best when it’s intimate and personal, and I’m absolutely behind maintaining their privacy. But here’s a few stats that you might find interesting:

The energy and passion that Katy exhibits when working in all things social media related are absolutely contagious. That energy is passed on and seen in the work that she does for her clients. One can't go wrong whe.png

A great local Castle venue increased mid-week bookings by 63% by implementing a new strategy designed to encourage mid-week visitors…

The View Hotel had the best quarter on record immediately after implementing their new strategy, with impressions up 1,311%, engagement up 194% and total audience up 170% - and more importantly, social media is now their top referral for bookings.

In four months of managing the social media of a local venue, their wedding bookings had doubled - and attendance at gin events was up 79%. Even better, those gin events have become a major referrer of wedding leads!

A reptile shop grew its audience from 300 people to 45 thousand, and online orders by over 250% - enough that they could open a store in another town, and we’re now building that audience, too!

A new strategy and a quarterly update call grew this farm from 2k to over 200k, and the outpouring of love and engagement on social media means they now attract visitors from all over the world, and have started selling produce online - a side business worth tens of thousands each year, even in it’s infancy!