Who are you marketing to?

You can’t market to everyone. Intimately knowing your customer is the secret to success.

That’s often one of the hardest things for my clients to accept. They want to market to everyone. They tell me that they don’t have a niche, or that they don’t make enough money to niche down. They are happy to work with anyone who wants them.

The problem? You can’t know everyone intimately. You can’t make messages that resonate with everyone. No one has ever even made a product that appeals to everyone, let alone a message!

So how does this work?

You make your ideal customer. Imagine that you’ve got her. Now, when you’re making content - website content, ebooks, freebies, social media posts, sales pages - you think about her. What does she need from you? What would she like? What would resonate with her?

Now I’m not saying that you only work with her. If your Ideal Client is called Sarah and owns a small business, you don’t have to turn away Jim who works for a medium-sized corporation. In actual fact, you’re more likely to enjoy working with Jim, because he’s been attracted to the content that you were putting out for Sarah - which means he shares attributes with your Ideal Client.

You do not have to stop working with other people. You are just making your content for that one Ideal Customer, so you can attract them and people like them.

How do I do it?

There’s a million ways to come up with your ICA, or Ideal Client Avatar.

First, it’s important to know how well you need to know this person. This one person needs to feel real, and complete. “He’s 28, called Jim and works in finance” won’t really help you. You need to understand their lifestyle, what they like, what they don’t like, their dreams and pain points. You need to know what they fear. Once you’ve got that, you can make and sell solutions to their real wants and needs - and they’ll happily pay for it.

It might feel strange, and you might have to fight every instinct you have not to go really generic, but you’ll really benefit!

So now we get to the how. Some people use an old client, but I think that leaves it a little too much to fate - and their could be people that you love working with, even more than your current favourite client!

I’m sharing my favourite method right here. It’s a workbook that will walk you through researching all the information you need, and put it into a story that will get you started. As you get more used to using it, you can build the story out how it suits you. And if you’re strict with research time and resist the urge to check Insta, you can have it ready in around 15 minutes. Winning

Katy Blake