Do this one thing on Instagram today

How much time do you spend on Instagram each day? Do you think it pays off?

One of the top questions that I’m asked in consults is about how to grow your Instagram following, without using up all your free time. I get it. You know Instagram is important, if your target audience is there, but take a step wrong and you can waste hours with nothing to show for it.

If you could do just one thing each day on Instagram, what would it be?

First, I want you to commit to showing up. For the next seven days, I want you to commit to spending 10 minutes a day in the Instagram app, doing this one thing. Not 10 minutes of scrolling, or watching stories… set yourself a timer, treat this like any other business task, and get it done.

Get Social

If I had just 10 minutes a day to grow my Instagram, I’d do it through engagement. Infact, I spent multiple 10 minutes each day helping clients with this exact thing - and generally never remember to log in to my own account; but the shoemakers children always have bare feet, right?!

Find your people

Who do you want to find you on Instagram? If you know your target audience, this step shouldn’t be too hard. It might be your dream buyers, who you want looking at your products. It might be people who love travelling, to follow your adventures and perhaps book a hotel through you. It might be people who love great food and live within a 50 mile radius of your restaurant.

Talk to them

Now spend 10 minutes - usually about three songs - looking through hashtags that THEY are likely to use, and leaving meaningful comments on their photos. It feels awkward to start with, but it gets more normal. Pretend that you’re at a party with someone that you really want to impress, and you’re working the room. In that situation, you might start conversations with people about their clothes or jewellery, their accents, or join in existing conversations about Game of Thrones or Twitter. Do the same.

It’s really important that you look at hashtags that your ideal audience is using, though - people often fall into the trap of using hashtags that they use, and ending up engaging with other restaurants and service providers. That’s not a bad thing, but you want to engage with real customers, too!

Keep posting

Next, remember to keep posting to your own account, so that when the people that you’ve commented on click through to see who you are, you’ve got something recent and relevant to them showing. That gives them something to look at, to remember and sometimes to continue the conversation on.

And here’s your quick reminder not to spend hours thinking about what to post - you’re doing this efficiently!

Keep it up

That’s all you need to do. Three songs, every day for seven days. After that, you’ll start to see traction, and it’ll start to be a habit - it’ll feel a lot easier. You can even do it when you’re waiting in a line, or walking. It makes a MASSIVE difference, though. Infact, it’s how I’ve helped grow an account from 611 fans to over 20,000; in just three months, organically. And there’s plenty more still growing!

Give it a try.

Katy Blake